Trekking is more than conquering the nature, it is to go on your own pace to discover more
and more every single time while walking with it. Is never about how far you can go, but how
far longer can you preserve it for our next generation.
Fjällräven is a premium outdoor brand from Sweden, specialise in creating outdoor
equipment and memories that last for generations. Put it simple, we love nature and we
wanted to be out there, open and bring all to be there.
Fjällräven Discovery is a series of event starting by Fjällräven South-East-Asia. To inspire
people to walk with nature. Here in South-East-Asia, we have created various types of
events for different enjoyment with nature. Whether you are a first-timer or experienced
adventurer, we have event ranging from 1 star to 3 star, that you will definitely find one that
fit your desire to the outdoor.

1 Star Discovery.

For beginner and short escape seeker!

A 5 to 15km leisure Discovery with little difficulty might be a good start for you to explore nature. In 1 Star Discovery, setting up a tent by yourself will not be necessary and some trips will also have an option of sleeping under a roof and have your nature’s calls settled in a proper toilet. Meals will be served hence personal cooking equipment will not be required. So just sit back, and relax in nature.

2 Star Discovery.

For amateur trekker and experienced outdoor lovers.

A 15 to 40km half-loaded Discovery with moderate difficulty that let you experience how Fjällräven gear function well in the great outdoors. As it requires minimum 35L backpack and certain physical demand. Meals provided may be a mix of served food and/or self-cook ration. Basic cooking equipment is required if self-cooking is involved, or perhaps you might want to boil some water for a tea/coffee break along the trail anytime you want. Be prepared to have your nature calls bury with the nature and sleep under the stars.

3 Star Discovery.

For regular hikers and experienced outdoor lovers.

A 40 to 60km full-loaded Discovery with above-moderate difficulty route that specially designed for the event, ala Fjällräven Classic format. It requires minimum 45L backpacks and is physical demanding. You will receive a trekking pass and maps for 3 Star Discovery. Checkpoint system applied, where your trekking pass will be stamped and refill your water for the rest of the journey. Meals will be provided in self-cook ration and cooking equipment is necessary. Be prepared to have your nature calls bury with the nature and sleep under the stars. Reward yourself with a exclusive designed medal by 3 Star Discovery if you complete the journey.