22nd to 24th Feb 2019

Total Distance: 25km

Suggested Fjällräven Gear:

Fjällräven Abisko Friluft 45L M & W (min)

Fjällräven Keb Trousers (As outer layer)

Fjällräven T-shirt (As inner layer)

Fjällräven Keb Jacket (As outer layer)


DAY 0 – Assembly and Night travel to Banaue

The group assembles in Manila, register and last chance to buy Supplies. and travel through the winding mountain roads. When we wake up we will be in Banaue, home of famous rice terraces, often referred to as the Eighth wonder of the world. Night trip to Banaue is an Eight to Ten (8 – 10) hours travel by Bus Manila to Banaue, 490km travel from Manila via the Pan Philippines highway, we’ll have stop over for snacks along the way

DAY 1 – Trek to Pula and Cambulo 6 to 7 hours. (1600MASL start to 1100MASL Cambulo) ( 22nd Feb, Friday )

We arrive early morning at Banaue at Early morning, have breakfast and final preparation Orientation for trek. Our trek through the Ifugao mountains begins at the Awan Igid viewpoint. We hike two to three (2 to 3) hours through richly forested mountains until we get to a high point with a view of Pula Village, our first Ifugao village. After admiring the houses and rice terraces from afar we hike down to the village of Pula we take lunch here. After lunch we hike Three (3) hours to Cambulo, our second Ifugao village where we will spend our first night and get a more intimate experience. The rice terraces of Cambulo are characterized by their pyramid-like appearance, with the terraces cut almost 360 degrees around the mountains.

DAY 2 – Trek to Batad and Patpat 5 to 6 hours. (1100MASL Cambulo to 1200MASL Patpat Campsite) ( 23rd Feb, Saturday )

After breakfast we hike three (3) hours to Batad, famous for its amphitheater of rice terraces with a spectacular view of the terraces., then we Visit The Famous Tappi-yah Waterfalls and have lunch break. After lunch we hike three (3) hours to Awa view point and Patpat Campsite. On the way we down going to pass through more rice paddies, River and forested trail and see picturesque villages and rice terraces in the distance, after the River we go steeply up to Awa view point where we see the other side of Batad and other cordillera mountains, We reach our campsite in mid-afternoon.

DAY 3 – Trek to Habbang bridge our Exit point 3 to 4 hours. (1100MASL Cambulo to 1200MASL Patpat Campsite) ( 24th Feb, Sunday )

After breakfast we hike down three (3) hours hike to Habbang bridge our exit point, this is where not most trekkers go, we will reach Habbang bridge by lunch time. we proceed to Guihob spring water resort and restaurant via jeepney for wash up point and lunch, celebration. then travel back to Manila 8 to 10 hours travel to Manila