Hello to our fans in Philippines, thank you for waiting, Fjällräven Discovery are back with a new event for our reunion! This is time let’s enjoy the nature at one of the tallest mountain in the Philippines!

30th Nov to 2nd Dec 2019

Total Distance: 16km

Suggested Fjällräven Gear:

Fjällräven Abisko Friluft 45L M & W (min)

Fjällräven Keb Trousers (As outer layer)

Fjällräven T-shirt (As inner layer)

Fjällräven Keb Jacket (As outer layer)


DAY 0 – 29th November 2019

21:00 Assembly
22:00 ETD for Baguio City (Victory Liner CUBAO)

DAY 1 – 30th November 2019

04:00 ETA Baguio City, Take Chartered Jeep to Mt. Pulag
05:00 Breakfast and buy packed lunch, Resume travel to DENR.
07:00 ETA DENR. Log-in. Briefing.
09:00 ETA Kabayan, Benguet. Final Preparation.
10:00 Start trek to Eddet River
12:00 ETA Campsite Eddet River. Lunch.
13:00 Resume trek to Pine forest. Major assault. (or option to camp at Edet river and rest, depends if participants lacks rest from the road trip and if we arrive too late in Edet, cut off time is 2:00 PM)
17:00 ETA Marlboro Country. Set camp.
19:00 Diner
21:00 Lights out.

DAY 2 – 1st December, 2019

07:00 Wakeup call. Breakfast and prepare packed lunch.
09:00 Break camp.
10:00 Start trek to Saddle.
12:00 ETA Long and winding Mossy Forest. Last water source. Lunch
13:00 Resume trek.
15:00 ETA Saddle. Summit assault.
16:00 Resume trek to Camp 2
17:30 Arrive at Camp 2. Set Camp
19:00 Diner.
21:00 Lights out.

Day 3 – 2nd December, 2019

05:30 Wakeup call
05:45 Start JR Pulag Assault for sunrise.
06:00 Sunrise at JR Pulag
07:00 Breakfast, Break Camp
09:00 Start descent to Ranger Station
11:00 ETA at Ranger Station, Lunch and Freshen-up En-Route
13.00 ETD to Baguio
19.00 ETA Baguio City, head back to Manila

Event Price:

Locals: 3,900.00 PHP
Foreigners: 5,900.00 PHP
(less 900.00PHP for pick up from Baguio CIty)

Package Inclusion:

  • Two ways regular bus ride from Manila to Baguio.
  • 2 ways chartered jeep from Baguio to jump off.
  • Climb Certificate.
  • Registration Fee.
  • Camp Fee.
  • Environmental Fee.
  • Guide Fee.
  • Organizers Fee.
  • First Aid Assistance.
  • LNT Bag Tag


5 camping meals at 1,500PHP.

2-person sharing tent at 500PHP(per person).

Packing List:

  • Minimum 35L Backpack.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Sleeping Mattress.
  • Eating utensils.
  • Beanie and gloves
  • Layering Cloth.
  • Raincoat.
  • Water bottle.
  • Trail food.
  • Headlight.