Fjällräven Kånken with Special-Edition webbing straps

You’d think that after 40 years, things would change drastically but, no. It’s still the same shape; the same simple design; the same logo; and the same Kånken you know and love with all the more utility and quality.

Updated Greenland Collection; The Fjällräven Original

Coming to 2018, the Updated Greenland collection is inspired by a new generation of people living in Greenland – scientists and nature enthusiasts from all over the world who have left their homes to explore this pristine island, the world’s biggest island.

Everything Outside; From Mountains to Landscapes

The “Reconnecting with Nature: From Mountains to Landscapes” talk was both insightful and very lively earlier this month thanks to all of you outdoor enthusiasts and enthusiasts-to-be coming down to listen to the lovely speakers share about their experiences and tips.


Fjallraven Weekend – Waterfall Jerangkang

Weekends are great and at Fjallraven Weekend, I’m sure everyone had a wonderful and fruitful time. Monday blues? Not at all after that amazing weekend!

Forever Warm with Fjällräven Down Jackets

Fjälläven is going to give you words of ours to keep you Forever Warm with our Fall/Winter 2017 Down Jackets.

Technical details aside, Fjälläven’s winter jackets have one purpose: to keep you warm. And this season, it has looked deep into its existing range, drawn on its history and heritage and created an offering that’s uncompromising in cold-weather performance. For Fall/Winter 2017 Fjällräven promises to keep you warm, forever.


Fjallraven Journey – Mount Rajah

Another series of Fjällräven Journey @ Gunung Rajah has brought us back with so many precious memories. On 16th September 2017, Fjällräven team of 50 people shared the journey together with sweat and laughter, which is what really made Fjallraven Journey worthwhile, and we hope the journey could never end. Together, let’s recap a few beautiful moment with photos that keep it last forever.

#patternyourkanken Showcase

In conjunction with the new Kanken Stripe Launch, we had come up with this #patternyourkanken contest in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.
We would like our readers to sit back and enjoy the showcase of our winner and the “Top 10 Favourite Kanken” by Fjallraven.

The Only Mini Backpack You’ll Ever Need

Nowadays it is quite hard for some to bring all their necessities in just a plain shoulder bag. A lot of people are starting to opt for backpacks since it is more spacious and the weight of your load would be divided. However, some backpacks tend to be very bulky and honestly not that fashionable; This is where the FjallravenKanken: Mini comes in to the rescue.

#patternyourkankensea – Design contest

We are pleased to present to you our upcoming launch in August 2017 for the 5 new Fjallraven Kanken bags.

Is not just a bag pack but a piece of art. Same shape. Same simple design. Same logo. Since 1978. And now this humble link bagpack is a work of art Mandated by the Swedish Government to promote Swedish design at home and abroad.

Backpacks To Suit Your Personality Type

Whether you’re the shove-it-all-in-and-go type or the everything-has-its-place person; or the day-hike adventurer or the lazy-weekend campfire lover; Fjällräven has a backpack to suit you.