#patternyourkanken Showcase

Written by: Kane Gan
Fjallraven Kanken, an iconic backpack since 1978 that fits into almost every occasion of our daily life.
Initially, it was designed to resolve the serious concern about the back of school students, which experts felt that the risk of back pain could be reduced if the weight of school books could be distributed across both shoulders instead of just one.
Now, it comes in big, laptop, classic and mini size with an aim of being able to carry things comfortably up for a camp or down to your work office, to blend in your life perfectly.
Playing a character as a life-long bag, Kanken serves its user with durability and functionality that neither me nor you can deny.
In conjunction with the new Kanken Stripe Launch, we had come up with this #patternyourkanken contest in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.
The response is overwhelming and we would like to express our deep appreciation for all your participation.
Without further ado, let’s let’s put our hand together and welcome the winner’s Kanken!

Inline image 1

We are impressed by the layer work done and the combination of woods, greenness and our Kanken!
Winner Credit: @najwaperks
Meanwhile, we would like our reader to sit back and enjoy the showcase of the “Top 10 Favourite Kanken” by Fjallraven.
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Congratulation once again to our winner! Fjallraven is impressed by the creativity and talent of our reader! Hope you all have fun with #patternyourkanken contest and it would be our pleasure to have all of your support during our next campaign! See you then!