The Only Mini Backpack You’ll Ever Need

Written By : Bea Javate

Nowadays it is quite hard for some to bring all their necessities in just a plain shoulder bag. A lot of people are starting to opt for backpacks since it is more spacious and the weight of your load would be divided. However, some backpacks tend to be very bulky and honestly not that fashionable; This is where the FjallravenKanken: Mini comes in to the rescue.

Fjallraven is a Swedish company, found in 1960 by Ake Nordin, that specializes in outdoor equipment specifically in terms of clothing and rucksacks. The Kanken is one of their most famous products and it was launched in 1978 with the aim to spare the backs of school children, especially in Sweden since a lot of back problems arose there during that time. The backpack is made out of durable, lightweight Vinylon F and it has two side pockets along with one zippered pocket in the front. It also features a handle at the top, narrow shoulder straps, a sitting pad and a trademark logo in the front that doubles as a reflector.

Although there are different backpacks under the Kanken line, in this article I would be focusing on the smaller backpack in the collection: theKanken Mini. The Kanken Mini is basically like the KankenClassic but in a smaller format. It has long shoulder straps that can be adjusted to fit both children and adults and it has a volume of 7 liters, a width of 20 centimeters, a depth of 13 centimeters and a height of 29 centimeters. It might be small but you can really fit a lot of stuff in it.

I got my Kanken Mini last July from a relative who came home from Americaand I’ve been using it almost every day since.  It is very compact, durable and can definitely hold a lot of stuff because the zippers go down to the lowermost side. I am able to fit a water bottle, wallet, phone, powerbank, clothes, notebooks, pencil case and many other necessitiesbut then I wouldn’t feel the weight on my back. I love how its waterproof because it makes me feel assured that my belongings won’t get soaked even if I commute on a rainy day. I have proven this feature because I once went to school withno umbrella while there was a downpourand when I got to class, none of my stuff were drenched; the bag didn’t even look or feel wet! It is an excellent bag that would be perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors or those who live in a country with a tropical climate like the Philippines. It is also perfect for those who are always on the go but would always want to be in fashion because its style isn’t just like the usual, basic backpacks. It’s different and it adds style points to your outfit! The only negative thing about the backpack in my opinion is its price. In America, Kanken backpacks would retail for $65-$130 while in the Philippines, they retail for around 4000php-6000php which is expensive compared to the backpacks offered by Jansport, Herschel and other similar companies but I think the features that come with it makes the price worth it. Overall, I believe that it is indeed a great backpack and if only the prices become a bit lesser then it would definitely be an 11/10 product!