Backpacks To Suit Your Personality Type

Whether you’re the shove-it-all-in-and-go type or the everything-has-its-place person; or the day-hike adventurer or the lazy-weekend campfire lover; Fjällräven has a backpack to suit you.

All of Fjällräven’s bags are well thought through to offer you the functions you need-no more and no less. Plus they’re made from tough materials and hardwearing details that ensure your backpack will be as stubborn to change as your personality is.

And, an added bonus, Fjällräven consider nature in everything it does, which means backpacks made with recycled and organic materials whenever possible.

Read on to find a backpack to suit you.

Backpack: Rucksack No. 21 Medium

Who’s it for? Urban-Based Good-Life Seeker

Rucksack No. 21 Medium is for anyone that values classic design from the golden days of mountaineering. For people who like the finer things in life: good coffee, fresh, locally sourced food and long days spent with family and friends (preferably over good coffee and food). For those that buy into a story, a long heritage of journeys and adventures.

 This bag is made from durable G-1000 HeavyDuty and comes in a range of warm, but natural-looking colours, making it both timeless in terms of style but also because it will actually last a really, really long time. Rucksack No. 21 Medium fans will probably pass on their treasured backpack to their kids – it’ll be vintage by then, of course. They’ll also share pictures of themselves with said backpack on their muted-toned Instagram feeds.

Backpack: Räven 20

Who’s it for? Stuff-It-All-In-And-Go Types

Räven is for those that don’t want to promise on form or function. For people that tend to sling their bags down on the floor, without a care in the world, after a full day studying or working. Like a Kånken but with more pockets – make that way more pockets – Räven is for anyone who is über organised or, at least, aspires to be.

Räven comes with a padded laptop pocket, a fleece lined sunglasses or phone pocket and mesh pockets for pretty much anything. There’s a roomy main compartment and a good-sized front pocket which will probably get filled up with stuff you don’t need. But the best pocket – for all the true efficiency lovers among us – is the one on top. It’s for keys but you can put all kinds of stuff in there. In fact, you’ll probably end up overfilling it (probably making it far less efficient).

But although this bag is practical with a capital P, it looks great too. And because it’s made from G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco it’s a sound environmental choice as well.

Backpack: Re-Kånken

Who’s it for? Environmentally-Conscious Aficionados

Kånken original has been around since 1978. But in 2016 Fjällräven released Re-Kånken. It’s made from old, discarded plastic bootles and uses a new dying technique, called SpinDye®, which requires less water and energy and fewer chemicals.

So this it the bag for nature-conscious city dwellers with a penchant for the finer things in life. It’s for people that reuse and recycle; it’s for those that take their own water bottle, coffee cup and lunch box everyday. It’s  for those that walk and cycle to work; who take regular excursions into nature and who dream of a greener world.

Re-Kånken is light and hardwearing and known for its striking colours. There’s enough space for day – trip essentials but the simple design doesn’t add anything unnecessary. And let’s not forget Re-Kånken and Kånken too for that matter, is for those that like their backpacks to look great as well.

Backpack: Travel Pack

Who’s it for? The Frequent Flyer

Travel Pack is for people that spend more time in transit than in their living rooms. That have 100ml versions of all essential toiletries. That have a favourite seat on the commuter train. For those that hate to queue but have to do it anyway. And for the people that know you need to take your laptop out at airport security and place it in a separate tray.

Travel Pack makes getting from A to B and then on to C and back again as easy and stress free as possible. It has pockets for everything – even more than Räven – including your toiletry bag, laptop, phone, keys, wallet, book and change of clothes (for when your checked luggage ‘gets lost’). The main storage compartments are also of a suitable size to pack enough clothes for a weekend away, so this is not just a business trip bag.

In fact, Travel Pack encourages you to mix business with pleasure. Oh, and with everything on your back you don’t need to worry about rolling it down those ever-slimmer aeroplane aisles and along old-town cobbled streets.

Backpack: High Coast Trail 20

Who’s it for? The Everyday Adventurer

When some of us discuss what to do for the weekend over Saturday brunch, HighCoast Trail types are already out hiking. They may not have headed off into the wilderness; in fact it’s more likely they’ve escaped into a nature reserve on the city’s boundary.

High Coast Trail is for people that like fuss-free excursions on a regular basis. Who don’t feel the need to pack for every possible scenario because home is never far away. High Coast Trail people are practical but adventurous. They want one bag to do it all, to be ready for adventure – of any kind – whenever it comes calling.

High Coast Trail 20 is also perfect as a gym bag. It’s made from G-1000 Eco (organic cotton and recycled polyester), maing it an eco-friendly option, and it;s light, simple and suprisingly roomy.