On 1st July 2017, Our first Fällräven  walk event was held at Pulau Ubin. The event was guided from our local hiking enthusiast group Sgtrek, with 10 leaders leading the hikers throughout. The event was co-organizes for hikers who are interested in hiking with an widely impressive variety of wildlife and peaceful with secluded hiking paths. Located off-shore at the north-eastern part of Singapore, Pulau Ubin still retains a large part of its nature, with minimum human development, making an ideal location for hikers who just wants to have a walk with a great scenery.

Our experienced leaders from Sg trek will not only guide you through the journey but also share with you their knowledge from their hiking experiences.

We would like to thank thoose that have participated in this walk! It was great to see more than 200 people took their time off to join this Fällräven Walk. We hope everyone had a great and enjoyable time!

Once again, Thank you @sgtrek for co-organizing this event!

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