Re-Kanken, Re-Invented for Nature

Without changing anything in the ingenious design, we focused on making a Kanken with as little input of raw materials and energy as possible. Here we go, a special edition of Kanken, Re-Kanken.
Made from SpinDye recycled polyester, Re-Kanken reduces the need for virgin materials. All the fabric, webbing and lining are made from the same yarn, incorporating a state of the art dyeing process to keep water, chemical and energy use at a minimum.
So what is SpinDye?
It is a technology that uses simultaneous spinning and dyeing. With SpinDye, the pigments are instead added to the spinning solution before it is extruded through the spinneret to become fibres for fabric weaving. Through this process, the colour pigments become part of the fibre and the SpinDye fabric gains excellent colour fastness that stands up to light, washing, rubbing, perspiration and even bleach. By using SpinDye fabrics in our collection, it is beneficial for the environment, since we are using 75% less water, 67% less chemicals, 39% less energy and 20% less carbon footprint, as compared to virgin polyester with traditional dyeing.
The recycled polyester used to make each Re-Kanken is equal to 11 PET-bottles and the Mini version is equal to 9 PET-bottles. It comes in a variety of colours such as, Slate, Sunflower, Pink Rose, Red, Ox Red, Deep Violet, Dark Olive, UN Blue, True Blue, Black, Midnight Blue and Spring Green.
Re-Kanken is ready to be used, abused, travelled and loved. And in the future, even recycled!