Fjällräven Life – Mount Balagbag

Written by: Ritche Lance

With the on-going success of Fjällräven Classic, we decided to bring the Classic concept to South East Asia, beginning with Fjällräven Bootcamp in Indonesia. Having received unprecedented support and participants, we’re expanding!

This year, we’re bringing it to the Philippines, with the introduction of Fjällräven Life. Just with the Bootcamp and Classic series, Fjällräven Life is our way of educating, inspiring, and encouraging people to step out more into the great outdoors, and enjoying nature. Whatever we do, we do it the Fjällräven way. This organised event is also our way of educating more people on the importance of respecting nature, and leaving no trace behind.

Spanning over two days and one night. Together we will climb the majestic Mount Balagbag, snap some beautiful memories along the way, share some delightful stories at campsite while we make new friends and reacquaint ourselves with old ones. Together with our new found friends, we will set out to do a little clean up of the Mountain, before we pack up and head over to Mount Maranat for the second day.

Philippines is filled with countless beautiful natural wonders. From mountains, to waterfalls, to vast plains. Experience all these and more at Mount Balagbag.

The amazing view of Mount Balagbag. [Photo courtesy of]

Be prepared to experience the beautiful nature of Philippines. Alongside new friends and fellow nature enthusiasts, trek along the trails and vast fields of Mount Balagbag. Stop for a picturesque view of endless plains. Snap a photo, pose a little. Share your mesmerizing stories alongside others. While the magnificent views at Balagbag continues to excite you and remind you of how beautiful nature can be, join us in cleaning up and keeping the nature ever clean and beautiful as we will be distributing Fjällräven Trash Bags to participants, as well as other campers at Mount Balagbag, to educate on the importance of leaving no trace behind. As the Filipinos always say, It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Join us and be a part of this ever growing family! For more information, do not hesitate to contact Ritche, at