Fjallraven Bootcamp December 2016: Mount Semeru

    In 2016, Fjallraven Indonesia has started organising trekking trips for mountaineers, adventurers or anyone who likes challenges and outdoors. With the success of the past two trekking trips to Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park and Mt. Raung, we are planning for a third!
    Bringing you Fjallraven Bootcamp: Mt. Semeru, set to happen in December 2016, we’re welcoming anyone willing to take up the challenge and gain more experience to join us!
    Mount Semeru, or Semeru (Indonesian: Gunung Semeru), is an active volcano located in East Java, Indonesia. It stands at 3,676 metres (12,060 feet) tall. Being the highest mountain on the island of Java, it is also known as Mahameru, meaning ‘The Great Mountain’. This name is derived from the Hindu-Buddhist mythical mountain of Meru or Sumeru, the abode of gods.
    Many local mountaineers have always aspire to ascend this very mountain, well known for its breathtaking scenery and immensely challenging terrain. It is also regularly climbed by tourists, many of them enjoy the thrill that comes with it.
    So what are you waiting for? It will be an opportunity of a lifetime and an experience you will never forget! Register now and check out the Fjallraven Events page for more details.