A Trekker’s Story

  • Written By: Jovene Chua
  • Photography By: Marcus Ng

Mountain trekking is a popular sport here in the Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Locals trek up the various mountains on a daily basis and it has become a hobby for many.
Here, we have Marcus Ng, an active mountain trekker who loves the outdoors and being in the nature. His hometown is in Ipoh and he is currently living in Kuala Lumpur, working as a Financial and Consumer Loans Commissioner, with 5 years of qualified experience.
During his secondary school days, he joined scouts as his cca due to his love for outdoor activities. He had learned and picked up wilderness survival skills, ways to cook in the wild and tips on camping in his 5 years of being a scout, winning himself an award in 1993 for being the King Scout of Malaysia.
Marcus started his journey in mountain trekking 7 years ago when his wife saw a few people sharing about it and it sparked her interest to try it out. Hence, he planned out an entire trekking trip to accompany her. They had their first trekking experience in June 2009. It was a fond memory of how underprepared they were for the trip, wearing normal sports shoes and carrying only a simple backpack. Yet, they still went ahead with it and bravely trekked their first mountain – Broga Hill. Ever since then, they fell in love with mountain trekking.
On a weekly basis, Marcus treks during weekends and often head to Bukit Tabur since it is near his home. He likes to trek because of the natural breeze and scent that accompanies it. Trekking also allows him to relieve the stress he had accumulated from his work. With the many interesting and unique plants, the greatest reward from trekking would definitely be the beautiful scenery throughout the journey.
Malaysia is a tropical rainforest with many beautiful sceneries and it boasts a number of marvelous mountains to trek on. Here are some of the mountains that Marcus recommends you to try out: Bukit Tabur, Gunung Irau, Gunung Datuk, Gunung Nuang, Gunung Kutu, Gunung Berembun Jelebu, Gunung Telapak Buruk, Gunung Ledang, Gunung Raja and Gunung Kinabalu. After sharing with us how he feels that he still has not gained much trekking experiences, Marcus made a personal goal of wanting to trek every single mountain in Malaysia.
When doing something of such high difficulty and requiring ample strength, challenges are bound to be there. For Marcus, the biggest challenge he had ever faced would be the weather and the high altitude conditions while trekking a mountain.
“When we trek during colder weather, we have to make sure that the equipment we use are sufficient enough to keep us warm, so that our bodies will not lose temperature. When we trek while it is high altitude, we should not do any high intensity exercise since the air is thin and we might get altitude sickness.”
Hence, it is important for us to monitor the frequency of our breathing and drink hot water to help our blood circulation, so as to reduce the risk of getting altitude sickness.
Among all of the trekking that Marcus has done, there was one that he remembered the most. It was back in 2014, when he went to trek at The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. He decided to not have any guide and porter to assist him and carried a 16-kilogram backpack by himself throughout the entire journey. Luckily for him, there was no time constraint, since no guide was leading the trek, and he could take as long as he wanted.
As he trekked further, he had an unexpected encounter. There were landslides, due the continuous rain for the past few days, and many sections of the mountain had collapsed. While he was passing by the area affected by a landslide, he saw sand and rocks falling off the mountain. It was a thrilling and unforgettable sight.
With trekking as his hobby, there is a need for good outdoor products to accompany and support him in his journey. Marcus first got to know about Fjallraven from the owner of an outdoor shop near his house, The Guide Proshop. He went there to look for a daily backpack and the owner recommended me to use the Fjallraven backpack, for its practicality and good quality. Since then, he had embarked his journey with Fjallraven.
Currently, he is using a Fjallraven Funas 25 Litre daily backpack. Its design and colour are what captured Marcus’ heart and the workmanship of the backpack has left him in full satisfaction too.
“I have a lot of trust in the quality of Fjallraven products and if I were to purchase any more outdoor equipment, Fjallraven would definitely be my first choice.”