Fjällräven Journey - Chemerong, Berembun, Lansir (CBL)

Sep 9
We are back from our 4th Fjallraven Journey at CBL!

Fjällräven Journey - Gunung Stong 2018

Mar 30
We decided to go back to Gunung Stong, where it first started, for our 3rd Fjallraven Journey event in Malaysia.

Look who’s joining the Kånken family

Jan 1
All Kånken Essentials maintain the same classic, timeless DNA of the original backpack and they’re tailor-made to create endless possibilities for the millions of Kånken individuals out there.

Fjällräven Kånken with Special-Edition webbing straps

Jan 1
You’d think that after 40 years, things would change drastically but, no. It’s still the same shape; the same simple design; the same logo; and the same Kånken you know and love with all the more utility and quality.

Updated Greenland Collection; The Fjällräven Original

Mar 10
Coming to 2018, the Updated Greenland collection is inspired by a new generation of people living in Greenland - scientists and nature enthusiasts from all over the world who have left their homes to explore this pristine island, the world's biggest island.

Everything Outside; From Mountains to Landscapes

Dec 2
The "Reconnecting with Nature: From Mountains to Landscapes" talk was both insightful and very lively earlier this month thanks to all of you outdoor enthusiasts and enthusiasts-to-be coming down to listen to the lovely speakers share about their experiences and tips.